Trying On All the Glasses from Your Couch

Having a hard time wondering whether that pair of glasses will look good on you? Why not try it on to see?

Glasses Gallery features a 3D Try On feature for most of our frames, so you can see how well those glasses look on you before you buy. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, there’s no sales pressure, no judging, and no time limit. You can try as many pairs as you like, and take as long as you like. We recommend using wired internet connection for optimal experience.

Here’s an easy 1-2-3 guide to trying on our glasses from the comfort of your home.


Before you start:

You will need a Windows or Android device with a webcam. Ensure your room is well-lit and make sure you aren’t facing away from a window.

Step 1

Glasses Gallery 3D Try-On Step 1

Click TRY ON at the product page.

Step 2

Glasses Gallery 3D Try-On Step 2

Click READY once you are facing the camera and have pulled back your hair.

Step 3

Glasses Gallery 3D Try-On Step 3

Look right, look left, look everywhere you like, because you can check out how they look on you from all sides!

Step 4

Glasses Gallery 3D Try-On Step 4

Alternatively, if you want to take a snapshot of the glasses on you so you can send it to your friends for a recommendation, simply click the camera tab, then hit Upload Your Picture in the bottom right. Upload your selfie and voila! You’ll have a picture of you with the glasses immediately.